Ron Bernard
Bernard Fine Art
Art that allows you to return to where you've been...or escape to where you'd like to be.


  • 8 x 10"
Category: Limited Editions
Media: Giclee Paper
Edition Size: 650
Framed: None
Availability: Contact Artist

Price: US$ 45
"Sun Time"
"Evening at Manatee Beach Cafe"
"Rod & Reel Since 1947"
"Oceans of Color"
"Front Row Seat"
"Blue Striped Chair"
"Odd Man Out II"
"Coastal Cottage"
"Surf Life II"
"Shore Birds II"
"No Worries"
"Lazy Afternoon"
"Hideaway Bay"
"Four Umbrellas"
"Beachside Bungalow"
"Beach Combers"
"Yellow Umbrella"
"Surf, Sun & Sand"
"Red, White & Blue"
"Gone for a Walk"
"Endless Summer"
"Coastal View"
"Enjoying the Rod & Reel"
"Beach Chairs"
"Early Bird Special"
"Duffy's Tavern"
"A Day at the Rod & Reel"
"Rod & Reel Memories"
"Roser Chapel"
"Summer Breeze"
"Quiet Time"
"A Day at Manatee Beach"
"Beach Time"
"Blue Striped Chairs"
"The New Rod & Reel"
"Pier View Bridge Street"
"Sunset Pass"
"Happy Hour - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Fun at the Rod & Reel"
"The Beach House Restaurant"
"Solitude Bungalow Beach"
"Sign of the Mermaid"
"Rod & Reel Nights"
"Poolside Bungalow Beach"
"Place in the Sun Bungalow Beach"
"Peaceful Bungalow Beach"
"Mr. Bones"
"Morning Stroll"
"Island Landmark"
"Haven of Rest Bungalow Beach"
"Good Ol' City Pier"
"Evening at the Dockside"
"Bridge Tender"
"Bridge Street Pier"
"Beach View Bungalow Beach"
"Bay View Bradenton Beach"
"The City Pier, Est. 1910"
"Rustic City Pier, Anna Maria Island"
"Worth the Walk - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Today at the Pier - Anna Maria Island"
"The Peaceful Rod & Reel - Anna Maria Island"
"Sunset Dining - Anna Maria Island"
"Sunset - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Sundrenched - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Sailing By - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Rustic Rod & Reel"
"Manatee Beach & Cafe"
"Life at the City Pier - Anna Maria Island"
"Gulf Drive Cafe"
"Good Ol' Rod & Reel"
"Fishing at the Pier - Anna Maria Island"
"Fish, Eat, Relax - Anna Maria City Pier"
"Evening at the Rod & Reel"
"City Pier Life - Anna Maria Island"
"Cafe on the Beach - Anna Maria Island"
"Bird's Eye View - Bridge Street Pier"
"Biking to the Rod & Reel"
"City Pier Nights - Anna Maria City Pier"
"A Day at the Pier"
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